Xanthogenate of potassium/sodium


Used as a flotation reagent collector by the enrichment of ores of non-ferrous and rare metals by flotation method.

Xanthogenate of potassium butyl is intended for use as a collecting reagent in ore enrichment by flotation method and in the hydrometallurgical industry.



- Xanthogenate of potassium butyl it is a powder of light gray to yellowish-green color with a specific smell, it is well soluble in water.

- Decomposes in the presence of moisture, especially at temperatures above 30 ° C.


Country of origin:

- People's Republic of China



- Wooden box 850 kg,


Scope of application:

- Xanthogenate of potassium butyl (sodium) it is used for use as a collecting reagent during flotation of heavy non-ferrous metal ores, ores of precious and rare metals, native copper.

- Effective for flotation of all sulfides, as well as oxidized lead and copper minerals after their sulfidization in the hydrometallurgical industry.

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