The harsh race - “Race Nation Kazakhstan”!

The harsh race - “Race Nation Kazakhstan”!

The national race took place Sunday, 12 August, in Alatau Skiing & Biathlon Complex.

The pounding rain, the fog and cold all together added fire in our bravehearts’ bellies!

As it turned out – there is a big number of braveheart in our Team!

We have proven the true grit, perseverance, speed and even the sense of humor of our friendly Team.

The sportsmen have challenged their capabilities and won over the adverse weather, fears and the uneasy obstacle course! 

There were champions amongst our bravehearts, who brought the victory!

But the main reward, that each and every participant has obtained, was the win over themselves!

The “Race Nation Kazakhstan” is not just a competition to us, but a part of our culture, our kid that we are raising!

Year-by-year achieving new tops and mesmerizing hearts of Kazakhstan, we do not just support the new project, but we move abreast with it and achieve next tops!

“Race Nation Kazakhstan” is the best option to self-improve and verify one’s capabilities.

“Race Nation Kazakhstan” is a perfect reason to say, “Be proud of yourself”!

Here one can check his/her sustaining power and fill life with adrenaline!

The main purpose of the race is to make people active, healthy and take a chance to return to our ancient roots!

“Race Nation Kazakhstan” makes Tigers out of squirrels!