Antiseptic "Elemsept"

Brand A30 is produced according to TU 2157-107-00194429-2016.

Used for the preparation of aqueous antiseptic solutions designed to protect wood from biological destruction in all climatic zones.

Suitable for industrial autoclave impregnation only.


Physical and chemical indicators:

Name of indicator

Appearance: Solution

Colour: orange to brown

Mass fraction of arsenic oxide (V),%: 10.1±1.5

Mass fraction of copper oxide (II),%: 5.7±1.5

Mass fraction of chromium (VI) oxide, %: 14.3±1.5

Mass fraction of moisture, % : The rest



- the level of acidity of the antiseptic (pH no more than 1) is guaranteed by the technological process;

- in agreement with the consumer, it is allowed to reduce the proportion of the main components in compliance with the ratio between them.

Packing and transportation ;

"IBC container (Eurocube) with a capacity of 1 m3".

Transported in packaged form by all modes of transport.


Warranty period of storage;

3 years from the date of manufacture. The antiseptic must be stored in a package in a heated room at a temperature of (20 ± 10) °C.

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