Caustic - Flakes (NaOH)

Caustic soda is a white, odorless substance. The substance quickly dissolves in
liquids, absorbs carbon dioxide and moisture from the air. It has a high chemical
activity, reacts with organic compounds.



- Main substance content: ≥98%
- NaOH - Empirical formula


Manufacturer country:




- 25 kg bags


Minimum consignment:

- 1-car-58.5 tons


Application area:

- In mining, chemical, petrochemical, oil refining, pulp and
paper, textile, food industry, non-ferrous metallurgy, energy,
microelectronics and other industries.

- Sodium hydroxide - dissolves well in alcohol with the release of heat in large quantities.
Due to these properties, sodium hydroxide is in demand as a bleach, solvent
or a catalyst.

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