Sodium Cyanide - NaCN - Briquettes

Sodium qi (NACN) technical – briquetted



ProMS is a voluntary member of the International Code of Circulation
with cyanide in industry and transport – ICMI



-The content of the main substance is 95–98%

-White or slightly colored crystals with lumps

-NaCN - Empirical Formula

-TU 2151-001-64062211-2011


Manufacturer country:

- The Russian Federation



- 43kg steel drums, 1000kg IBC boxes.


Minimum consignment:

- container with boxes 20 tons,
- container with barrels 15.48 tons.


The ProMS company has:

- its own fleet of specialized equipment for the transportation of dangerous goods.


- Specially equipped modern warehouse (SDYAV).


Application area:

- Hydrometallurgy of precious metals;
- Flotation processes in the enrichment of metal ores;
- Cyanidation of steel;
- Electroplating

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