Hydrochloric (HCI) - chemically pure / Hydrochloric acid

A solution of hydrogen chloride HCl is a clear, colorless liquid with a sharp
smell of hydrogen chloride.



- The main substance is a chemically pure concentration of 36% (chemically pure).
- Clear, colorless liquid with a pungent odor.
- HCl -Empirical formula
- GOST -3118-77


Manufacturer country:

-The Russian Federation



- Tank truck - 20 tons, 40.8 for cubic capacity,
- Cubic capacity -1.2 tons.


Minimum consignment:

-20 tons


Application area:

-In the hydrometallurgy of platinum, gold and silver.
- For the production of chloride salts (barium, zinc, ammonium, etc.),
-in the production of organic intermediates and synthetic dyes, acetic acid,
-activated carbon, various adhesives, hydrolysis alcohol.
-When tanning and dyeing leather, in the textile industry.
-When soldering, tinning, galvanizing roofing steel, for cleaning steam boilers.
-Hydrochloric acid is not flammable, not explosive.

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