Jacobi activated carbon

Jacobi's production activities are arranged with regard to all aspects related to it: from application of innovations and the best world practices to customer orientation and the organization of comprehensive control of the production process.

All of the company's products are made from the highest quality coconut shells and have special properties that ensure reliable continuous regeneration during the gold recovery process. These materials provide an efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly way of recovering precious metals from both high-grade and low-grade ores.

Specialists of the company are continuously improving their products focusing on ensuring consistent quality and availability, and providing an unrivaled level of on-site technical support to help customers get the most out of their gold recovery schemes.


Jacobi Activated Charcoal PICA GOLD-G 208/210AS


- Excellent adsorption and elution characteristics.
- Unrivaled hardness and high abrasion resistance.
-Minimum formation of coal dust in the circuit during regeneration.
-Reducing the loss of gold in the waste.


Manufacturer country:
-Sri Lanka


Minimum consignment:
-1.65 tons


Application area:
- This grade is intended for gold mining using the Coal in Pulp technology - this extraction process
gold and is used by gold mining companies around the world.


- The product has excellent adsorption and elution characteristics, has an unsurpassed
hardness and high abrasion resistance.
- In addition, the strict control of the plates allows minimizing the formation of coal dust in the circuit and during
regeneration time.
- Less coal dust in the circuit means less gold loss in the waste!



Jacobi activated coconut charcoal /GOLDSORB/4500/5500


Granular activated carbon of medium activity, obtained as a result of steam activation from selected
coconut raw materials.


- Granulated coconut charcoal from selected coconut raw materials
- Provides excellent adsorption
- High resistance to particle wear


Manufacturer country:
-Socialist Republic of Vietnam
- Republic of India
- Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka


-Big bags - 550 kg


Minimum consignment:
-24.2 tons


Application area:
-This variety is ideal for gold mining technology
"Coal in leaching solution" are intended for gold recovery processes and are used
gold mining companies around the world.



Our products

PICAGOLD® G208/208/210AS

Premium regenerable granular microporous activated carbon specially developed for high efficiency in gold recovery operations (CIL & CIP). This grade is specifically designed to ensure the carbon maintains excellent characteristics over time even when processing hard ore. It is highly recommended for initial fills of recovery circuits as PICAGOLD® G208/208/210AS provides a guarantee of effectiveness and low make up of losses from carbon inventory.

GoldSorb® 4500/5500

GoldSorb® 4500/5500 is a medium activity granular activated carbon manufactured by steam activation from carefully selected coconut shell charcoal. It is ideally suited for the recovery of precious metals in all forms of contactors providing good adsorption and elution characteristics. GoldSorb® 4500/5500 exhibits maximum product hardness and this results in a high resistance to attrition contributing to lower gold losses in the circuit. Furthermore, during regeneration, GoldSorb® 4500/5500 produces fewer fines which require disposal and ensures a minimal requirement for make-up carbon from inventory stock.

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