Lead - grades C0, C1, C2.

GOST 3778-98.

Scope of application:

It is mostly used in the production of batteries and anti-corrosive cable sheaths. Important fields of application of lead are chemical and metallurgical industries, where it is used as pipes and sheets for lining of pipelines and various equipment operating in contact with corrosive media, as well as to manufacture insoluble anodes used in the electrolysis of zinc, copper, etc. Packaging: ingots

Packaging in accordance with GOST 3778-98 in bags of max 1500 kg bound with 4 steel straps.

ProMS company transports oversized cargo in Kazakhstan.

We are also a licensed carrier of dangerous goods of class 6.1 in Kazakhstan.

The Company has an own fleet of special equipment in a perfect condition:

cranes with capacity from 25 to 50 tons;




tractor unit of the most reliable brands, euro-5 class;

lowboy trailer with capacity up to 50 tons.

Our own equipment fleet consists of tractor units of the most famous brands, euro-6 class, with modern tents that are renewed every 3 years.

This guarantees safety and compliance with the delivery terms of the goods entrusted to us.

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