Lead - grades C0, C1, C2.


- GOST 3778–98.

- CO - this grade is used for the manufacture of ingots, blocks and ingots for further processing;
sheets used in chemical engineering and other industries.
- C1 - primary smelting of lead, which does not contain more than 0.015% impurities.
This brand is more wear-resistant for corrosion and aggressive environments.
Good for melting and processing.
- C2 - a brand that is close in characteristics to the first type,
but significantly different from the cost.
- The content of impurities is not higher than 0.05%.


Manufacturer country:
- The Russian Federation


- Ingots 30 - 40 kg,


Application area:
- Important areas of application of lead are the chemical and metallurgical industries,
- In the largest quantities it is used in the production of batteries and anti-corrosion sheaths of cables.
-For the manufacture of insoluble anodes used in the electrolysis of zinc, copper, etc.



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