Steel Grinding Balls

Steel balls

Steel balls for grinding used in the mills

Grinding balls in Kazakhstan

properties - hardness group from 1 to 4

size from 20 to 120 mm

Scope of application - Are used in mining, coal, cement and other branches of industry in the ball mills as grinding bodies.

packaging - big bags 1000 kg,

country of origin - Russia

Loading standard - wagon 65 tons,

Min. batch - 65 tons

Grinding balls are used in ball mills - units designed to grind various materials. Ball mills differ from crushers in finer grinding of particles - less than 0.1 mm.

Grinding media are the main types of materials used for grinding of iron ore and non-ferrous metal ores, cement clinker, coal, and construction materials. The share of grinding bodies in the total costs of grinding raw materials reaches 30%.  

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