Improved Sulfuric Acid - (H2S04)

Contact Improved and Technical Sulfuric Acid of Grades 1 and 2

Sulfuric acid GOST 21-84-2013.

Sulfuric acid is one of the most powerful mineral acids.

It is an oily, heavy and colorless liquid with strong hygroscopic properties.

GOST: 21-84-2013

Application area: It is intended for the production of fertilizers, artificial fibers, caprolactam, titanium dioxide, ethyl alcohol, aniline dyes and a number of other industries.

Package: Tank truck

Producing country: the Russian Federation

Loading rate:20 tn tons?

Min. consignment:20 tons?

The products are classified as highly hazardous substances in terms of the body impact degree under GOST 12.1.007.

It causes chemical burns on contact with skin and eyes. Vapors (fog) have an extremely strong irritating and cauterizing effect on the respiratory tract, affecting the lungs. Harmful to aquatic organisms.

ProMS Company not only delivers but also transports dangerous goods throughout the Republic of Kazakhstan, including transportation of sulfuric acid in Kazakhstan.

We supply high quality sodium cyanide of the Russian origin.

We are the official distributors of Korund Cyan CJSC in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In 2020, ProMS LLP signed the International Cyanide Management Code.

This is a voluntary industry program for companies involved in the production of gold and/or silver using cyanide, as well as companies producing and transporting cyanide.

We provide full cargo transportation, guarantee its quality and safety.

We have our own fleet of specialized equipment, and a specially equipped warehouse for high toxic substances in Kazakhstan.

Qualified transportation and storage of hazardous chemicals in Kazakhstan.

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