Sulfuric acid improved - (H2S04)


- Sulfuric acid contact improved and technical grades 1 and 2.
Sulfuric acid is one of the most potent mineral acids.


- Oily heavy and colorless liquid with strong hygroscopic properties.
- GOST 12.84.2013
- According to the degree of impact on the body, products are classified as highly hazardous substances.


- Causes chemical burns on contact with skin and eyes.
Vapors (fog) have an extremely strong irritating and cauterizing effect on the respiratory tract, it affects
- Harmful to aquatic organisms.


Manufacturer country:
- The Russian Federation,


- Tank truck - 20 tons


Minimum consignment:
- 20 tons


Application area:
-Mining industry
-Intended for the production of fertilizers, artificial fibers, caprolactam, titanium dioxide, ethyl alcohol,
aniline dyes and a number of other industries.

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